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SweeGen stevia sweetener approved for sale in Canada

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CALIFORNIA — SweeGen, Inc., a nature-based sweetener company, announced its non-GMO BESTEVIA Reb E stevia leaf sweetener meets all regulatory criteria cited in Health Canada’s List of Permitted Sweeteners of Steviol Glycosides and can now be sold in Canada.

“Reb E is one of the main components in our BESTEVIA e+ formulation. E+ was specifically created for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with the existing application patents around Reb M in beverage in mind,” says Shari Joslin, VP of application technology. “Reb E, mixed with other stevia sweeteners, creates a mouthfeel and taste closest to sugar.”

BESTEVIA e+, while initially created for beverages, shows great success in reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners in many applications, such as dairy, sports nutrition and bakeries.

BESTEVIA Reb E, SweeGen’s non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener with a clean, sugar-like taste, is produced through a stevia leaf-based bioconversion process. Canadian food and beverage companies are working on reformulating their products to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners. This approval provides them with a new, great-tasting and cost-competitive option.


The ingredient joins non-GMO BESTEVIA Reb M and BESTEVIA Reb D as part of a range of novel stevia leaf sweeteners SweeGen offers to the flavour, food and beverage industries.

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