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Study reveals Canadians have changed eating habits since COVID-19

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July 16, 2020, Toronto, Ont. – A new survey by meal-kit company HelloFresh has revealed a renaissance of home cooking and at-home-dining, as Canadians settle into new normal.

Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians surveyed indicated they have changed their eating habits in the new life-at-home culture since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Fifty-four per cent said they will cook more at home in the future and be more careful of the amount of food wasted.

Above any other types of food, the survey revealed that Canadians are incorporating more meat and vegetables into their diet, beating out carbs, snack foods and desserts.


Almost 50 per cent indicated they are preparing more meats and veggies over carbs and sweet foods.

However, it looks like snacking is also on the rise, with 45 per cent saying they reach for an extra nibble throughout the day.

Forty per cent of Canadians are also eating at more irregular times since the lockdown began.

More than 1,000 respondents across Canada were surveyed.

The survey also revealed that people are being more resourceful and open to trying new things to save another trip to the grocery store:

  • 34 per cent of people are now planning their shopping trip ahead of time;
  • 49 per cent are looking for ways to use the ingredients in their pantry, refrigerator and freezer;
  • 48 per cent said they will do more saving and budgeting now;

While rising concerns over food waste was already on people’s minds prior to the crisis, 43 per cent said that they’d like to be more careful of the amount of food that they waste going forward. Conscious consumption and supporting local business will also continue to make its way into people’s habits with many Canadians choosing to go to their neighbourhood shops, the survey found.

Corby-Sue Neumann, head chef of HelloFresh Canada, said, “The research shows that the rise of home cooking in light of lockdown is here to stay. By delivering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and inspiring recipes, we’re proud to help Canadians master different dishes and continue learning new cooking skills as dinner time at home is set to play a big role for the future.”

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