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SSP Group International expands line of biodegradable plastics

July 23, 2018   Food in Canada

Toronto-based SSP Group International Inc., is expanding its line of oxo-biodegradable polystyrene disposable products to include items made for the bakery, confectionary and retail sectors.

The Canadian manufacturer of stock and custom plastic products, in co-operation with, EPI-Global has been supplying the lodging and foodservice industries globally with its new line of Oxo-BioDegradable polystyrene disposables since 2008.

Oxo-BioDegradable single use versions incorporate our TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) that convert conventional plastics, such as (PS) polystyrene, (PE) polyethylene and (PP) polypropylene to degrade at a controlled rate.

Plastics incorporating TDPA will start to degrade after their programmed shelf life when disposed in landfill, soil or compost. The degraded plastic fragments will then biodegrade in the presence of oxygen, micro-organisms, heat and humidity, and return to nature by decomposing into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.


The new products will be available as of August 1.



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