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Robot use expected to rise in food and beverage industry

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Food and beverage manufacturers are expected to make more use of industrial robotics over the next five years in order to speed up and improve the production time of products, according to a new report from Kenneth Research.

The report notes that industrial robots can be of great use for the food and beverages industry as a lot of heavy and repetitive work such as de-panning, picking and placing, and warehousing are required in the production and packaging of food products.

The emerging demand for automation in the food and beverage industry is expected to boost the growth of industrial robotics for food and beverages market size, the report states.

The report is officially called Industrial Robotics for Food and Beverages Market Dynamics, Segments, Size and Demand Analysis During 2017-2025.


Industrial robotics consists of highly advanced technical machines that can mimic many human activities.

According to the report, growth of industrial robotics for the food and beverages industry will also be fueled by the need for manufacturers to better their production processes and reduce their labour costs.

Articulated robots are expected to dominate industrial robotics for the food and beverages market over the forecast period, owing to the fact they can be adopted for material handling and palletizing purposes.

“The demand of robots in the packaging of food and beverages is anticipated to rise due to the consistency, flexibility and accuracy offered by them,” the report states. “Furthermore, robots can be preferred over humans for packaging of materials as they can work continuously at the same speed for around 70,000 hours before requiring any maintenance.”

The report does note, however, that mid-sized and small food and beverages manufacturers might have a tougher time adapting to industrial robotics due to, among other things, the high costs of the technology.

Europe, meanwhile, is expected to dominate robotics for the food and beverages market as a way of lowering labour costs and ensuring better food safety. According to the World Health Organization, about 23 million people fall ill each year in Europe due to consumption of unsafe food, which results in about 5,000 deaths annually.

In the Asia Pacific region, use of industrial robotics by the food and beverages industry is also expected to grow significantly, due to expansion of the industry to accommodate a rising population with more disposable income.

Kenneth Research provides market and forecasting information to a number of industries to help them better understand their competitive landscape and make better decisions.

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