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PAC Packaging introduces sustainability checklist

PAC Packaging Consortium released its Sustainability Checklist for Structural Package Designers to help them make more informed decisions

Markham, Ont. – PAC Packaging Consortium has released its Sustainability Checklist for Structural Package Designers.

In a statement, the organization explains that PAC NEXT, which is PAC’s sustainability initiative, developed the checklist.

PAC NEXT’s vision is to create a world without packaging waste.

The checklist also came about as a “result of collective input from PAC NEXT’s Packaging Innovation Gateway project team.” The team includes 40 members from the packaging value chain.

PAC says the purpose of the checklist “is to provide a quick reference guide for structural package designers with little to no knowledge of sustainability.”

The aim is to help them as they make design and material decisions along the way.

Rachel Morier, director of Sustainability for PAC, says in the statement that the organization hopes the checklist “acts as a starting point for a much larger collaborative discussion as more companies and their suppliers strive to meet the demands for a true circular economy.”

PAC Packaging Consortium explains that the checklist was designed for an 11 x 17 format, printed on two sides for optimal viewing.

To view the checklist, click here.

Food in Canada

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  1. Paul Wightman says:

    If eliminating plastic pollution with return value is important, how in the world is the largest Managed-Waste system, responsible for controlling GHG emissions and converting waste into renewable energy, and the primary method used for discarded plastics, completely overlooked?

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