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Open letter from the Turkey Farmers of Canada

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Turkey Farmers of Canada invites all Canadians to picture themselves at the Thanksgiving table (CNW Group/Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC))

With people from so many places the world over, there’s a lot to be thankful for in Canada. That’s worth celebrating.

There’s one holiday that brings all Canadians together to celebrate. As family. As friends and neighbours. Canadian Thanksgiving is for all of us, and we want everyone to feel welcome and join in.

It’s a holiday of no particular faith, other than we are all better together. As a celebration, it revels in both the bounty of harvest and the bonds of family.

Since nothing brings people together like food, the centre of this celebration is, of course, a feast – but there’s tradition here, too. Because the heart of the feast has always been Canadian turkey.


Simply bring the tastes of your culture and traditions to Canadian turkey, whether hoisin and five-spice or chilies and curry. Then, set it in your oven and let it work its magic for a few hours – which gives you precious time to step back and simply enjoy the company of your loved ones.

This Thanksgiving, gather the family, pull up a chair – or a dozen – and come celebrate the one Canadian holiday where everyone has a seat at the table.

From our families to yours,

Turkey Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Poultry & Egg Processors Council


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