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Ontario’s apple industry contributes $634 million to the province’s economy: study

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A study by JRG Consulting has found that the Ontario apple industry generates an annual economic activity of $634 million and employs more than 5,100 people

Vineland, Ont. – Ontario’s apples don’t just pack a nutritious punch – they also pack a strong economic one.

The Ontario Apple Growers say a study by JRG Consulting Group has shown that between growing, packing and processing, the apple industry in Ontario generates an annual economic activity of $634 million. It also supports more than 5,100 jobs in the province.

Charles Stevens, an apple farmer in Newcastle and chair of the Ontario Apple Growers, says the research “shows for the first time just how significant our industry’s contribution to the provincial economy is.”

In fact, every one million dollars in output by Ontario’s 230 commercial apple farmers generates $2.39 million of activity in the Ontario economy.


The industry contributes $351.6 million to the provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) every year, and supports over 5,100 full time direct and indirect jobs with associated wages and salaries of $247.1 million.

This results in tax revenues of $106.7 million annually to federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Ontario apple farmers currently supply 45 per cent of the Ontario fresh apple market. This means Ontario is a net importer of apples, bringing in approximately 80.6 million kilograms for fresh consumption annually, and leaving the industry with vast growth opportunities.

The study shows that every $10 million in additional output created in the apple sector generates an overall economic activity of $24.2 million to the provincial economy.

The Ontario Apple Growers represents the province’s 230 commercial apple farmers.

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