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Olymel creates 100 new jobs in Ontario

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Olymel L.P. has invested $30 million in refurbishing an existing plant and acquiring another plant in Brampton, Ont.

Brampton, Ont. – One of Canada’s largest processors and distributors of pork and poultry has invested more than $30 million to redevelop one of its plants and acquire a new one.

Olymel L.P. says in a statement that it has completed the investment at its poultry further processing plant in Brampton and acquired a new 50,000-sq.-ft. plant also in Brampton (Westwyn).

Together the whole investment has created more than 100 new jobs, and will “increase the company’s production capacity, particularly in the breaded poultry products segment,” says the statement.

Olymel says it plans to also take advantage of business opportunities in hotels, restaurants and institutions, and in the retail distribution sector.


The original Brampton plant, Orenda, had reached full production capacity. But now it has a fourth breading line and high-performance equipment, making the plant more efficient. The plant can also now produce gluten-free products at all times, both for Olymel’s Flamingo brand and for private label.

The new Westwyn plant has been refurbished and will specialize in deboning, which used to be done at the Orenda plant. The Westwyn employs 315 people over three work shifts five days a week. It also specializes in portioning poultry meat. The plant supplies Olymel’s poultry further processing plants.

The Orenda plant employs almost 320 people and operates shifts seven days a week.  The plant focuses on breaded and frozen chicken products.



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