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Nova Scotia firm launches sustainable home-grown health food line

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June 1, 2020, Halifax, N.S. – With a global shift toward plant-based diets, sustainable farming practices, a looming shortage of meat and even baking flour, Earthli Plant-Powered Superfoods has fast-tracked its processes to launch four initial offerings of hemp protein products to selected local retailers and online from its website at

The company says many who have tasted other available hemp protein products in the past have complained of the strong taste which doesn’t mix well in smoothies and healthy recipes, and the new products will have an uncharacteristically mild nutty flavour.

“Our Atlantic Canadian-grown hemp strains, and Earthli’s processing methods have produced a hemp protein with a very mild taste profile,” said partner, David Giffin. “This ensures that our products can provide protein and nutrients without adding a noticeable flavour.”

The company states that Earthli products will also be unique in the protein aisle for avoiding all plastic packaging materials in favour of metal cans which are reusable, and 100-per-cent recyclable everywhere.


During research, the company found that many so-called recyclable pouches were in fact being tossed in with garbage, or even rejected at recycling depots. Earthli’s sustainable packaging has gone so far as to include a measuring scoop made from 100-per-cent compostable plant fibre.

Earthli was formed when Jack MacDonald, David Giffin, and Warren Dietrich of VIS Superfoods teamed up with veteran Halifax marketer, Larry Burke, of Halifax’s Burke & Burke Design.

The new team proceeded to rename, rebrand, repackage, and expand the product line, which will include a better tasting hemp-based chocolate protein shake developed by Burke’s daughter, an international award-winning chef and commercial food product developer.

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