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New report on online shopping reveals current trends

March 11, 2021   Food in Canada Staff

Social Nature, a Canadian platform that links health-minded shoppers to leading natural brands, presents a new report on online shopping trends. This report engaged 5,400 online consumers across the US and Canada and examines how consumers are taking a more holistic approach to their health with an emphasis on the plant-based sector. 

Highlights of key findings for Canada include:

  1. 51% shopping in stores less frequently
  2. On average 1x week; 28% never shop online for groceries
  3. 46% buying healthier products. Proactive health is top health goal (new for 2021)
  4. 38% buying more products on sale
  5. 31%   shopping locally to Canada
  6. Buying purpose-driven brands

For free webinar on the study, visit here.


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