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A new natural preservative increases food safety

Fumoir Grizzly, the Université Laval and Merinov have developed a bioingredient they call Bac M35 that can keep fish from growing Listeria monocytogenes

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Que. – A food manufacturer and two partner organizations all in Quebec have developed an ingredient that will help to increase food safety.

Fumoir Grizzly, one of the largest fish smokehouses in Canada, Université Laval and Merinov – a research centre focused on fishing, aquaculture and processing aquatic products – have developed a bioingredient they call Bac M35.

In a statement, the organizations explain that Bac M35 is completely natural and can protect fish from growing Listeria monocytogenes.

Fumoir Grizzly is already beginning to incorporate the ingredient into its production.

The statement calls Bac M35 a “major discovery” and says it “opens the door to applying it in all food processing, thus eliminating the risk of Listeria contamination around the world.”

The organizations are also calling it a “breakthrough” in food preservation. The statement explains that most often chemical additives and salt are used as preservatives. Now Bac M35 is an alternative to those traditional additives.

Bac M35 is a bacterial culture that is similar to probiotics and is safe for human consumption. The organizations say it is sourced from a bioingredient naturally present in marine environments.

The statement says it can “protect fish for 21 days at 4 degrees C without affecting taste or nutritional content. Ensuring healthier fresh food, Bac M35 is natural, thermostable (remains effective even in varying temperatures) and is not harmful to the environment.”

Fumoir Grizzly says there is currently no known equivalent to Bac M35. The company says it plans to market it internationally and is working on developing and improving Bac M35 for use with other foods.

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Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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