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New “Internet of Things” food safety solution launched

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TELUS and Digi International have teamed up to offer Canadian businesses an automated food-temperature monitoring solution

Canadian telecommunications company TELUS has partnered with Digi International – a global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services – to offer Canadian businesses an automated food-temperature monitoring solution.

Called Digi Honeycomb, this solution provides a service that wirelessly monitors the temperature of perishable goods.

According to a TELUS press release, regulations require businesses to monitor, log and report on the temperature of the food items they transport and sell; and failing to do so could result in high fines and damage to your brand. Digi Honeycomb aims to help restaurants, grocers, convenience stores, warehouses and transportation companies prevent spoilage, reduce labour costs and better comply with food safety regulations.

Digi Honeycomb operates 24/7, alerting businesses about problems before they become critical, while also reducing inventory loss and preventing unsafe conditions.


“Temperature-controlled transportation and storage of perishable items is crucial to the reputation of any food-service brand. Nothing can be more damaging to a business than food-safety issues, however monitoring, logging and reporting temperatures can be extremely labour intensive,” says Michael Cihra, TELUS vice president of Internet of Things and Emerging Markets. “Digi Honeycomb automates the process; smart sensors provide real-time data that will help businesses prevent issues before they occur while making operations run more efficiently.”

The wireless sensors can be placed anywhere food temperature monitoring is required and, to ensure food safety is continuously maintained, automatic alerts can be set for all types of temperatures (e.g. frozen, refrigerated, ambient, hot-holding, etc.) that trigger warnings whenever temperature exceptions occur.

“Being selected as a strategic partner by TELUS is exceptional recognition of our solution,” says Jamie Williams, vice-president and general manager Cold Chain Solutions, Digi International. “Through TELUS, a vast number of food-service businesses will be able to quickly and cost effectively activate a state-of-the-art food-safety solution from one of Canada’s most trusted organizations.”

Digi Honeycomb is offered through the TELUS IoT Marketplace as a monthly billable service, meaning it can be deployed without companies having to make a significant upfront capital investment.

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