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Meat products from cell culture technology

SuperMeat, an Israel-based company, says it could have its meat products that are made from cell culture technology to market soon

January 9, 2018  
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Tel Aviv, Israel – A start-up food technology company has raised US$3 million in seed funding and has partnered with a German-based poultry producer.

SuperMeat is a biotech and food-tech company that wants “to create healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly meat products using advanced cell-culture techniques.”

In a statement the company announced its success in raising funds and also announced a partnership with one of Germany’s largest poultry companies called PHW Group.

To read the full statement, click here.


SuperMeat says its clean meat “is produced by growing cells that have been painlessly extracted from a chicken.”

Scientists then grow the cells into “high-quality chicken cuts.”

This process, says SuperMeat, “puts an end to the industrial need to mass produce animals for slaughter, while eliminating exposure to animal waste and foodborne illnesses.”

The clean meat also benefits the environment, says SuperMeat, by reducing carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts factory farming has.

With its funding the company plans to bring its products to market soon and says the cost to consumers should be similar to the cost of chicken products available now.


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