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NeoMam Studios in the UK has compiled a table of sodas from around the world and all their weird and wonderful flavours.

Manchester, UK – Soda is global. Whether you drink it or not, you’re bound to find it in every grocery store, corner store and rest stop no matter which country you’re in.

But with soda, beyond the usual well-known brands, you’re also likely to find names and flavours that are unique to the tastes of the region you’re in.

For instance, there’s Appy Fizz in India, Fanta Watermelon in Japan and even Black Garlic Soda in Switzerland.

You can also find Curry Lemonade and Yoghurt Pepsi White. And there are so many more.


NeoMam Studios, a visual content marketing agency, has put together a taxonomy listing soda from around the world with their country of origin.

So if you’re a soda aficionado, you can plan your travels accordingly.

To see the taxonomy, click here.

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