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Harvey’s Angus burgers are now 100% Canadian beef

October 1, 2019   Food in Canada

Harvey’s restaurants announced a partnership with Beretta Farms. With this partnership, Harvey’s Angus burgers are now made from 100 per cent Canadian sourced beef that is raised without antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.

Beretta beef is raised on all-Canadian Family ranches across the country. Beretta raises animals without the use of antibiotics, or added hormones and steroids.

Founded in 1992 by Mike and Cynthia Beretta, Beretta Farms is a premium protein provider under the banner of Beretta Farms Inc with a focus on organic, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free beef, chicken, pork, turkey and value-added items. Beretta is available at grocers across Canada in both national chains and smaller independents.


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