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The board of Farm & Food Care Canada reviewed its mission and vision and decided to transition to the new Canadian Centre for Food Integrity. The organization says CCFI is better equipped to help build public trust in Canada's food system

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Guelph, Ont. – Farm & Food Care Canada is now the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI).

In a statement, the organization says it evaluated its mission, vision and organizational structure and then decided to make the change.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity says that with its research, training and consumer support services it is well equipped to provide valuable expertise and support to the entire food system. This is especially important as building public trust in Canada’s food system is intensifying.

The new CCFI is funded by partners and individuals from across the food system and across the country. It will be governed by a small board of directors with a focus on operational excellence, and by a larger advisory council representative of the entire agri-food chain.


The Farm & Food Care Canada board will serve as the transition board for the new CCFI until the new board and advisory council is in place in the next few months.

Farm & Food Care Canada was created in 2010 as a charity with the mandate to build public trust in Canadian food and farming.

The new CCFI was launched in 2016 as a program of Farm & Food Care Canada and as an affiliate of The Center for Food Integrity, which was created in the US in 2007.

“We launched CCFI in June 2016 and after much consideration and consultation feel that this is the right strategic direction and organizational model that’s needed to help Canada’s food system earn trust in the future,” says Ian McKillop, chair.

“This refined focus will strengthen the CCFI’s trust earning services and provide enhanced support for Farm & Food Care Ontario and Saskatchewan and many other agri-food sector partners working in this area.”

The CCFI is a not-for-profit organization that helps today’s food system earn trust. CCFI says its members and project partners represent the diversity of the food system and are committed to providing accurate information and working together to address important issues in food and agriculture. The CCFI adds it does not lobby or advocate for individual companies or brands.

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