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Dixon’s introduces Wicked Blueberry Gin

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July 10, 2020, Guelph, Ont. – With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Dixon’s Distilled Spirits has introduced Wicked Blueberry Gin.

Inspired by old-time sloe gin – a reddish-purple liqueur made from sloe drupes (blackthorn berries) steeped in sugar and gin – Wicked Blueberry is a blend of Dixon’s award-winning, handcrafted Canadian spirits, blueberry extract and botanicals with a hint of citrus.

“Flavoured spirits, especially sweeter pink gins flavoured with berries and other fruits, are driving growth in the industry worldwide,” said Dixon’s co-founder Jeremie Dixon.

In fact, distillers have experimented with flavoured spirits for years. In the 1920s, Gordon’s had seven different flavour variants of gin but they were soon eclipsed by the dry, juniper-flavoured spirit that most people recognize as gin.


“We’ve created something that’s on trend and fun that appeals to people who might not consider themselves gin drinkers as well as traditionalists looking to try something a bit different from their usual G&T or martini,” said Dixon.

The launch follows the rollout of a fresh new logo and branding that emphasizes Dixon’s bold Canadian personality with the tagline “real taste, real spirits.”

“This year we’re celebrating five years in business and the branding refresh will help us take it to the next level as we develop new products and expand into new markets,” said Dixon. “We realized early on that we’re very good gin makers – Wicked Blueberry is a fun new twist on what we do best.

“It’s silky smooth like all of our products, but the violet-blue spirit turns pink when you add your favourite mixer. It’s not overly sweet like some fruit-flavoured spirits, so purists can rest assured that it’s real gin – it’s just blue, or pink, depending how you like to drink it.”

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