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Dairy Farmers of Canada unveils new logo

The new logo was designed to be eye-catching, easier to understand, and to create a stronger brand identity

Logo: Dairy Farmers of Canada (CNW Group/Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC))

Logo: Dairy Farmers of Canada (CNW Group/Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC))

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has unveiled a new organizational logo. According to the DFC, its new logo was designed to be eye-catching, easier to understand, to create a stronger brand identity and integration, and to leverage the positive relationship farmers have with consumers.

“I am very proud to show Canadians the new face of Dairy Farmers of Canada, after months of discussion and consultation,” says Caroline Emond, executive director of DFC. “It is exciting for our organization to move into a new era, and vitally important that we continue to evolve as an organization within an innovative and dynamic sector. Today we highlight and celebrate the hard work of our dairy farmers, as well as their great contribution to the overall physical, emotional and economic health of Canadians.”

As a DFC press release explains, the standing cow in the new logo was inspired by the simple, natural purity of milk. The box it stands on could represent all different kinds of farm ground and bedding, while the bright blue colour was chosen to be optimistic and represent freshness. Overall the logo aims to represent Canada’s farmers, their pride and commitment to the animals they raise and care for, and the natural healthy products they provide Canadians.

“Dairy farmers are innovators and are always looking for ways to improve and evolve,” explains Wally Smith, DFC president. “Today’s announcement reflects this as we are looking to the future, for the industry and for consumers, to truly differentiate the Canadian dairy sector. Through this process, we are making it easier for Canadians to identify our organization that represents our dairy farmers from across the country, as well as 100-per-cent Canadian milk and products that consumers love.”

The words “Dairy Farmers of Canada” are included on the image for the organizational logo, and a slightly different logo that reads “Quality Milk” will be used as a certification mark of origin for 100-per-cent Canadian milk and Canadian dairy ingredients. The certification of origin logo will be the focus of a consumer information campaign in early 2017.

Food in Canada

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