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Company launching Ayurvedic mushroom coffee line

March 26, 2020   by Food in Canada

March 26, 2020, Vancouver, B.C. – Flourish Mushroom Labs, a subsidiary of The Yield Growth Corp., has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp. to begin production of its Ayurvedic mushroom coffee line.

“Our Ayurvedic mushroom coffees are formulated with immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms that are antioxidant and nutrient-rich,” company CEO Penny White said in a press release. “This includes reishi, chaga, lion’s mane and turkey tail mushrooms, all of which are widely regarded for their health benefits.

“This is especially top of mind in the midst of the global health crisis we are currently facing. For us, it is crucial that we are able to deliver health-boosting products that are easy to consume and delicious as we all try to keep ourselves and our families healthy.”

Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals is a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified contract manufacturer and private labeller with more than 20 years experience.


“Our new manufacturing partner is recognized for its dedication to research, innovation and the development and manufacturing of top-quality botanical extracts, natural health products and dietary supplements,” added White.

The Ayurvedic mushroom coffees are planned for launch this summer. The global market for functional mushrooms is forecasted to reach $34 billion by 2024, according to a report from Mordor Intelligence.

Functional foods using mushrooms and Ayurvedic botanicals have a long history of therapeutic use. According to Health Canada, a functional food is demonstrated to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions.

“The mushrooms we have chosen are nutrient-dense superfoods that are loaded with a wide range of impressive health benefits,” said Bhavna Solecki, director of product development for The Yield Growth Corp.

“Chaga is a known stress-adaptogen and immune modulator to stimulate and regulate the immune system. Reishi has immunostimulatory effects and shows antiviral activity. Turkey tail effectively strengthens the immune system and prevents colds and influenza while lion’s mane reduces anxiety and depression and improves cognitive function.”

The Yield Growth Corp. have more than 200 proprietary wellness formulas at various stages of commercialization. Its products are sold through e-commerce worldwide and retail stores in three countries with distribution agreements in place for 12 more countries.

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