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CFIA collecting data from seafood sector

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently in the process of collecting data from the fish and seafood sector to inform the Establishment-based Risk Assessment (ERA) model. Using the information provided for each establishment’s activities, products and risk mitigation factors, the model will calculate food safety risks of food establishments and help determine the inspection frequency for this sector.

Data is being collected through the additional establishment information form available online in the My CFIA portal. Since the first ERA data collection cycle, changes were made to the fish and seafood sector including:

  • Changes to the sub-product list
  • Request for additional information related to production source and species

Licence holders who conduct domestic activities are requested to complete the additional establishment information form if they have not already done so. Those who choose not to complete the additional establishment information or who have provided incomplete or inaccurate information could be inspected at the same frequency as an establishment that has been assigned the highest risk result for that commodity.

Previous fish registration number

When completing your licencing information, please provide your previous fish registration number (under FIR) for each establishment to facilitate the creation of your risk profile. This can be entered in the [Add Existing Facility Registration Number] field, and indicate the commodity (e.g. fish xxx).

Preparing your additional establishment information

Identifying the list of sub-products applicable to your establishment and volume calculation prepared in advance of logging in to My CFIA will help save you time when providing your additional establishment information online.

Don’t have your Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licence yet?

When you apply for your SFC licence, verify the licencing information you provide accurately reflects your activities and commodities as it will impact the questions triggered on the additional establishment information form. Prior to applying for your licence, you can:

  1. Review the Additional establishment information on My CFIA – Glossary of terms to determine which fish sub-products are applicable to your activities
  2. Calculate volumes that align with new sub-products
  3. Determine which production and species information apply to your activities and commodities

For establishments that already have a Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licence

Sign in to My CFIA and verify that the SFC licence information accurately reflects the activities and commodities of each establishment. If you have not previously provided your additional establishment information, now is the time to do so. Ensure any information you provide accurately reflects your products and activities.


To learn more about the ERA model and how to fill out the additional establishment information form, consult the following resources:

  1. Additional establishment information checklist
  2. Additional establishment information on My CFIA – Glossary of terms
  3. Questions and answers: The Establishment-based Risk Assessment (ERA) model for food establishments
  4. Introduction to the ERA Model – eLearning

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