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Cargill and Cubiq Foods partner to commercialize fat technologies

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Cargill will have access to Cubiq’s technologies to help develop plant-based alternative foods

Photo: Cargill.

Cargill and the young food-tech company Cubiq Foods sign product co-development and commercial go-to-market agreements aimed at developing and accelerating commercialization of Cubiq Foods’ fat technologies.

With this partnership, Cargill will have access to Cubiq’s technologies to help develop plant-based alternative foods with benefits that surpass typical products made with animal fats or tropical oils, such as enhancing flavour, improving total fats and saturated fats and caloric content, and may incorporate essential fatty acids (omega 3).

Cubiq’s novel fats, including Go!Drop, join Cargill’s existing portfolio of plant-based solutions, spanning plant proteins, texturizers and a full array of traditional fats and oils.

“By embracing new technologies, harnessing our full ingredient toolbox and leveraging our global application knowledge, we’re poised to accelerate the development of the next-generation plant-based products. Ultimately, it will be a win for consumers, as we enable food manufacturers to create products and solutions with an eye toward both people and the planet,” said Vivek Cherian, meat and dairy alternatives category leader for edible oils at Cargill.


The fat technologies can be used across multiple applications and are especially relevant in the plant-based meat and dairy alternative space, where fats and oils play roles in structure, taste, texture, and nutritional profile.

“Signing the joint development and commercial agreements represents the next phase in our partnership, as our groundbreaking technology is now ready for application development, production scale-up and widespread commercialization – roles that Cargill is uniquely equipped to help us advance,” said Andrés Montefeltro, CEO,  Cubiq Foods. “Together, we’ll help food manufacturers and consumers reimagine what’s possible in the quest for healthy and satisfying foods.”

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