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Canada invests in genomic technologies for cattle sector

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The $1-million investment will enable the Canadian Beef Breeds Council to demonstrate the value of improving beef herds through genotyping

Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay has announced a $1-million government investment to increase adoption of genomic technologies in Canada’s cattle sector.

“Canada’s beef sector contributes significantly to the country’s economy, says MacAuley. “Investments in genomic testing offer producers a science-based approach to improve the selection of beef breeds for improved productivity and quality.”

According to a Government of Canada media release, the investment will enable the Canadian Beef Breeds Council to demonstrate to producers the value of improving beef herds through genotyping. Canadian Beef Breeds Council members include national breed associations that collectively represent more than 10,000 producers of purebred beef breeding stock.

The project is expected to make genomic testing available for the various breeds at a reduced cost. Determining the right genetic mix in their herds will allow producers to increase their return on investment, according to the media release, while accurately predicting traits that benefit consumers and the environment.


“Canada produces some of the best genetics in the world and this is recognised around the globe,” says David Bolduc, president of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council. “It is important that we continue to invest in research in emerging technologies such as genomics so we can maintain this pole position and to give producers here in Canada tools with which they can accurately improve the efficiencies of their production. We are very grateful for this support from AAFC and look forward to delivering some exciting results.”

This investment is being made through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP), a five-year $50.3-million program that ends in 2019.

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