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AAFC announces programs for the agriculture and agri-food sector

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has launched six federal programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to help strengthen the agriculture and agri-food sector

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Ottawa – The federal government has officially launched six federal programs under its Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

In a statement, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) says the six programs are AgriMarketing, AgriCompetitiveness, AgriScience, AgriInnovate, AgriDiversity and AgriAssurance.

AAFC says the partnership “is a five-year, $3 billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture and agri-food sector.”

The $3-billion includes $2 billion in federal, provincial and territorial cost-shared strategic initiatives and $1 billion for federal activities and programs. More details on the programs and applications are now available online.


The AAFC says in the statement that the partnership will focus on three key areas. These areas, as they’re listed in the statement, include:

Growing trade and expanding markets ($297 million): Providing core industry services, such as timely market information and sector expertise to help improve the sector’s competitiveness, growth and adaptability. Advancing and defending international trade interests, as well as improving market development and market access activities to address emerging needs of the sector, and of small and medium enterprises (SME). This will help expand markets and trading opportunities for the sector.
Innovative and sustainable growth of the sector ($690 million): Enhancing the competitiveness of the sector through research, science and innovation, and adoption of innovative products and practices, with an emphasis on the environment and clean growth. The Government will help support the resiliency and sustainability of the sector, helping farmers adapt to climate change, conserve water and soil resources, and grow their businesses sustainably to meet increasing global food demand.
Supporting diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector ($166.5 million): Strengthening the sector by better reflecting the diversity of Canadian communities, enhancing collaboration across different jurisdictions through a new Regional Collaborative Partnerships Program, securing and supporting public trust in the sector, and improving client services.

The AAFC also explains in the statement that the key areas include “$686.5 million over five years in federal programs, and $467 million of federally funded activities that benefit producers and processors and address priorities identified by the agricultural sector during consultations in the development of the framework.”

The investments, says the statement, will support trade policy and market access, trade commissioners, market development, market information, value chain roundtables, foundational science led by AAFC and support for regulatory systems and regional collaboration.

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