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FreeWater is a paradigm-shifting, philanthropic marketing startup that is implementing an innovative, Eco-friendly, BPA-free product as a new type of advertising medium; 10 cents from each beverage will be donated to charity to build water wells for people in need

The product is eco-friendly and BPA-free, and is paid for by the ads printed directly onto the aluminum bottles and cartons. Advertisers have the option to distribute the water for free or sell the beverage for profit. For more information on FreeWater, go to

Founder Josh Cliffords created FreeWater after volunteering with refugees who had revealed the water scarcity issues they had faced. At present, 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water while slightly less than one half of the global population, 3.6 billion people or 47%, live in areas that suffer water scarcity at least one month each year. Cliffords sought out a for profit solution to provide free, clean water and build infrastructure for communities to obtain water.

FreeWater is paid for by ads that are printed directly onto paper cartons and aluminum bottles. With their B-to-B model, some advertisers may choose to distribute the product for free while others may choose to sell it. With their B-to-C model, the water is always free. Part of the company’s mission is to pay its members to consume free products in the future. FreeWater is currently granting all its donations to a variety of nonprofits that are building water wells and systems in Africa.
Advertisers can make use of FreeWater’s physical packaging by connecting QR codes for consumers to scan in order to collect coupons, watch videos and breaking news, order food, take surveys, register to vote, download music, movies, tv shows, video games, and software, Augmented Reality and more.


FreeWater aims to be a positive and prominent advertising channel that doesn’t annoy or harass its audience. Instead, they want to make people happy by saving them money, saving lives and helping the environment. Additionally, FreeWater advertisers get 10 times the impressions of direct mail; the company’s potential profit margins are also much higher than traditional food and beverage companies, being a media and e-commerce platform.
Now based in Austin, Texas, the company has created a paradigm-shifting marketing concept aimed to evolve into the world’s first free supermarket and to disrupt the food and beverage industry. Water is just the first of many products that Josh plans to make free and supported by advertising.

FreeWater will also construct special partnerships for other 501(c)(3) organizations or any other positive community outlets such as church groups, sports programs, and schools. Partners who are using FreeWater as a fundraiser must be able to sell all the ad space themselves and FreeWater will grant between 10 and 25 cents per beverage to the partner depending on the quantity and the price at which the ad space is sold.


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