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Yogurt Containing Plant Sterols Launches in Canada

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Parmalat has launched the first probiotic yogurt available in Canada that offers options for consumers trying to manage their cholesterol levels. Each 100 g of Astro BioBest Plant Sterols yogurt contains 50 per cent of the daily amount of plant sterols recommended to help lower cholesterol.

Plant sterols – or phytosterols – occur naturally in plants. Research has show that they are effective in blocking cholesterol absorption in the body, and may help lower cholesterol when consumed as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. In July, Health Canada confirmed that plant sterols can be added to mayonnaise, margarine, calorie-reduced margarine, yogurt and yogurt drinks, vegetable and fruit juices, salad dressing and unstandardized salad dressings and spreads. Health Canada has also issued a guidance regarding the use of health claims and the cholesterol lowing effect of plant sterols.

“Whether it’s preventing the onset or finding ways to lower it, managing cholesterol is no easy feat,” says Nash Lakha, president and CEO of Toronto-based Parmalat Canada. “Our goal at Parmalat Canada is to be able to provide consumers with a simple, everyday food that’s easily incorporated into their diet with the added bonus of a functional ingredient that specifically lowers cholesterol, which is a significant factor in heart disease.”

According to Parmalat, eating the new yogurt every day, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can help manage cholesterol levels. The company reports that a 10-per-cent reduction in cholesterol may be achievable.

BioBest is available in four flavours – strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and raspberry – in single-serve multipacks.

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