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U.K. company unveils paper wine bottle

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GreenBottle, a U.K. packaging company, says its paper wine bottle is the first of its kind in the world

Woodbridge, U.K. – Consumers could soon find themselves enjoying their favourite wines out of a paper bottle.

Packaging firm GreenBottle is in talks with supermarket chains and wine producers to roll out its new paper wine bottle, reports the Observer.

The company unveiled a prototype wine bottle on Nov. 14. It already manufactures the world’s first paper milk bottle and is currently testing them in stores.

Papier Mache

Prototype of the paper wine bottle.

The wine bottle, reports the Daily Mail, is made of papier mache and has a carbon footprint of just more than 10 per cent of a glass wine bottle.

The paper bottle also weighs only 55 g compared with 500 g for a glass bottle, which means it could greatly reduce transportation costs. The bottle is compostable and decomposes in weeks.

The Observer also reports that the wine bottles feature a similar bag to that found in wine boxes so the drink is kept in pristine condition.

The company’s bottles are currently produced in Turkey. The aim, reports, is to sell the technology to companies in the food packaging sector, allowing them to build bottling plants next to their own manufacturing sites. The company is hoping to launch the product by mid-2012.

GreenBottle’s current machinery produces 50 milk bottles a minute and is patent protected.

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