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Special coverage: 2011 IFT Expo – Part 2

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This year’s IFT is over, and Food in Canada has a roundup of some of the great stuff you missed

New Orleans, La. – The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in New Orleans, La. from June 11 to 14. Food in Canada was at the show, which included more than 100 education sessions and a huge array of exhibitors.

If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in upcoming enewsletters. And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT takes place in Las Vegas, Nev. from June 25 to 28.

Almond Board of California
• The Almond Board of California highlighted the nutritional information of almonds and the latest consumption statistics.

The Board says the per capita consumption of almonds in North America grew 71 per cent. And reported purchases per month in North America increased 88 per cent.


In fact, almonds are the number one nut in global packaged new product introductions and are among the top two nuts in new product introductions across every major region in the world. Statistics say global product introductions with almonds grew 76 per cent from 2005 to 2009. They’ve even surpassed peanuts as the nut consumers report eating most on an ongoing basis and the one consumers rank as the most essential/irreplaceable.

Archer Daniels Midland Company
• ADM launched several new food ingredients at the show.

One of those ingredients included Clarisoy 100, an isolated soy protein and the world’s first vegetable-based protein that provides protein fortification in transparent and refreshing low pH beverage systems.

The company also introduced its deZaan Belgian chocolate, its premier cocoa and chocolate brand.

Other ingredients the company featured included:
*CardioAid plant sterols (plant sterols are proven to significantly lower cholesterol levels)
*NovaSoy soy isoflavones,
*Kansas Diamond white whole-wheat flour, *VegeFull edible bean powder (cooked bean ingredients that allow food manufacturers to incorporate beans into many formulations targeting health-conscious consumers by adding nutrition, texture and bulk)
*Ultralec lecithin (ultrafiltered, deoiled lecithin is used in hydrophilic instantising applications, and it provides excellent emulsification properties in reduced fat and flavour-sensitive applications)
*Prolite (a high-protein, low-flavour, highly functional vital wheat gluten)

• Biothera is a biotechnology company that develops novel ingredients that can improve immune health.

The company’s Healthcare Group manufactures and markets natural, GRAS ingredients for functional foods and beverages.

Its Wellmune WGP is clinically proven to safely enhance immune responses that protect against a wide range of health challenges, says the company. Wellmune WGP is a unique gluco polysaccharide, a natural carbohydrate derived from a proprietary strain of yeast.

Wellmune WGP can activate billions of innate immune cells, which are the body’s first line of defense, to more quickly recognize and kill foreign intruders without stimulating the immune system.

The company says the potential for immune-enhancing products spans virtually all food and beverage categories now that the importance of immune health has reached critical mass with consumers.

H & A Canada Inc.
• H & A Canada launched ProOVO Egg replacer, the next generation of improved egg substitutes.

The company says ProOVO is ideal for pastas, noodles and a wide range of baked goods. It offers health benefits and cost-savings, and it won’t compromise a product’s integrity or taste.

ProOVO is rich in nutrients, such as calcium, iron and potassium, is cholesterol-free and vegetarian-friendly.–A-(Canada)-Industrial-Inc.jsf

• Lallemand highlighted its natural and vitamin D-rich ingredients called Vita D.

The company explains that during the regular production process Lallemand’s yeast is exposed to a source of light that naturally transforms the sterols present in yeast into vitamin D.

In this way, all Lallemand North American bakers yeasts (Eagle, Lallemand, Instaferm) are natural and vegetarian sources of vitamin D that can enhance the vitamin D content of baked goods and of bread in particular.

The company introduced Lalmin Vita D, a Natural Source of the sunshine vitamin. Lalmin Vita D is a dried inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), containing elevated levels of vitamin D. Standardised to contain 8000 IU of vitamin D per gram (or 200 µg/gram), Lalmin Vita D provides a natural, non-synthetic and safe form of vitamin D suitable for food fortification.

• Qualisoy was formed by the United Soybean Board and is an independent, third-party resource for information on trait-enhanced soybean oils. The role of the Qualisoy board is to set research priorities; evaluate existing and emerging technologies; and determine which traits, products and processes are the most beneficial for the soybean industry and for end users.

Trait-enhanced soybean oil is the use of traditional breeding methods and biotech tools to create soybeans that yield healthier, more functional oils.

Qualisoy says the breakthrough of highly functional, low-linolenic soybean oil has helped food companies remove trans fat from nutrition labels without increasing the saturated fat content.

Tate & Lyle
• Tate & Lyle unveiled its new Purefruit Plus natural sweetener system.

The company says Purefruit is the only fruit-based calorie-free sweetening ingredient using natural monk fruit extract.

Using Purefruit Plus in a beverage, says the company, can offer a refreshing, well-rounded sweetness with zero calories. It’s also a natural way to add sweetness.

The company also highlighted its Rebalance formulation service, which is about reformulating products to lower the fact, sugar and calorie contents without compromising the taste of those products.–Lyle.jsf

Virginia Dare
• The flavour and extract company highlighted its Smoothies 101 research. The company conducted an on-line survey and gained insight in how consumers defined smoothies, when they consumed them and what ingredients they used.

The company also conducted a flavour guidance survey and identified a list of well established smoothie flavour choices. It also found the flavours that consumers haven’t tried yet but would be most interested in trying. Those include: apple caramel, blueberry cobbler, nectarine green tea, cantaloupe green tea and oatmeal raisin.

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