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Processor donates soup to those in need

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Happy Planet is helping to feed soup to some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable people; survey finds soup a popular option

Vancouver – Happy Planet Foods Inc. is helping to feed some of the city’s most nutritionally vulnerable people.

The natural and organic food and beverage company has partnered with The Downtown Eastside Kitchen Tables Project, a Community Action Plan to reform food in the Downtown Eastside, led by the Potluck Café Society.

Happy Planet has committed to donate 11,000 bowls of its Happy Planet Fresh All Natural Soups.

Events to raise number of bowls


In order to increase the number of bowls of soup donated to 50,000 bowls, Happy Planet will be hosting Soup of Soup lunch events all this week.

The events are open to everyone where Happy Planet will serve soups to the public and those who wish can donate. All donations will go directly towards more soup that will be distributed by The Downtown Eastside Kitchen Tables Project.

Consumers can also donate online at:

Potluck operates a professional café and catering business in the city serving hundreds of corporate and non-profit clients. Potluck is a registered charity whose café and catering revenue is directly invested back into its five community social programs that are integrated into its daily operations.

The Downtown Eastside Kitchen Tables Project is a program of Potluck. Based on a Right to Food philosophy, the project is a collaboration of residents, food and service providers to create a sustainable Downtown Eastside Food System.

Soup is popular

Happy Planet also surveyed consumers to find out what they think about soup. The company asked 556 people both online and in person questions about soup etiquette, and sipping vs. slurping. Here’s a few of the key findings:

•   58.4% of respondents said they eat soup at least once a week.
•   86.5% of respondents said that a rainy or cold day makes them want to eat soup.
•   58.6% said they would order soup on a business lunch.
•   49.3% would order soup on a first date.
•   73.7% admitted to having slurped their soup (25.7% say slurping is how they regularly eat soup).
•   28.6% believe that the biggest faux pas in soup etiquette is picking up the bowl to drink the last mouthful, followed by 22.3% dripping it on your top.
•   Of those who admitted to slurping and sticking their finger in the soup to test the temperature, 35.1% thought it was bad manners to pick up the bowl and drink the last mouthful, with 6.5% saying that slurping is bad manners and 9.1% saying that putting your finger in the soup is wrong – even though they have done both.
•   81.3% agree with Jerry Seinfeld and say that soup is a meal.

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