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New markets for P.E.I. potatoes

P.E.I. potato producers are optimistic about growing exports

January 20, 2011  
by Food in Canada staff

Business Operations

Prince Edward Island’s Summerside Port Corporation Inc. is working to increase potato shipping from the city’s Summerside Wharf in efforts to help boost the local economy and provide additional support to potato exporters. Already exports of P.E.I. potatoes by boat are expected to be strong in 2011.

Exports of Island potatoes to markets outside of North America are up by 50 per cent this year, according to the P.E.I. Potato Board. New markets include Venezuela and Russia, while potential and emerging markets are the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, where drought has meant a lower than usual potato supply.

The industry is optimistic that strong demand from international customers will help make up for some of the challenges the province’s potato producers have faced in recent years. Expanding shipping from Summerside Wharf will have a significant impact on the industry’s ability to meet that demand.

According to, shipping by water is an attractive shipment method for the P.E.I. potato industry, as it’s a faster way to move large volumes of product to customers.



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