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New Consumer Products – October 2008

By Food in Canada Staff   

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• Natunola Health Inc. has launched Natunola Health’s Delight Shelled Flax products, which includes Shelled Flax Kernel, offering 1.5 g of omega-3 per five grams, and Shelled Flax Meal, offering one gram of omega-3 per five grams. Both products are ready to use, with no grinding required, and unlike other flax products do not need to be refrigerated. The Shelled Flax Kernel retails for between $7.99 and $8.99 and offers 90 servings per bag. The Shelled Flax Meal (flax powder) retails for between $4.99 and $5.99 and offers 50 servings per bag.

• With ACE Bakery’s new Bake Your Own White Petits Pains, Ontario consumers can enjoy the aroma of fresh-baked bread at home without having to make it from scratch. Bake Your Own White Petits Pains and Multigrain Petits Pains are found in the ACE Bakery freezer sections at Sobeys, IGA and Foodland. The breads are partially baked, then flash-frozen to preserve quality and freshness. The White Petits Pains are available for $3.69 each and Multigrain Petits Pains are priced at $3.89 each.

• General Mills has made it easier for consumers to identify foods with the most health benefits – in fact they’re pictured right on the packages of the company’s new line of frozen vegetables called Green Giant Essentials. The line has four unique vegetable blends designed to add variety and nutritional benefits to mealtimes. The flavours include Antioxid Blend, which contains carrots, red and yellow peppers and broccoli; Fibre Blend, which contains sugar snap peas, black beans, edamame and carrots; Omega-3 Blend, which contains sugar snap peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots and flax seeds; and Fibre Blend, which contains broccoli, black beans, edamame, red peppers and pearled barley with an Asian-inspired soy and garlic seasoning. The 200-g packages retail for about $1.99.


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