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Mustard seed industry receives a boost

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An investment of almost $5 million will go toward researching new varieties of mustard seed plants and improving production methods

Saskatoon, Sask. – Canadian mustard seed growers will reap the benefits of a recent federal government investment.

Mustard 21 Canada Inc. received an investment of $4.9 million to go toward research and development and help producers increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Mustard 21 Canada is a non-profit corporation initiated by the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission and the Canadian Mustard Association.

Mustard 21 Canada developed a strategic plan in 2008 and identified promising opportunities for the growth of a value-added mustard industry in Canada.

With this new investment, research will focus on developing new and higher yielding varieties of condiment mustard through traditional and molecular breeding applications, as well as industrial mustard for use in the emerging biofuel sector.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) researchers will collaborate on many of these projects, including developing a condiment mustard with a higher protein and mucilage content (yellow mustard) as well as improved disease resistance.

New industrial oilseed varieties will include high oil and protein content, early maturing properties and disease resistance.

In addition research will focus on improving production of industrial oilseeds for growers, specifically concentrating on rotational benefits, water-use efficiency, and fertilizer and weed management.

Baine Fritzler, the chair of Mustard 21 Canada, says the corporation is pleased to have a renewed commitment to mustard research.

“This will enable mustard producers and the mustard processing and handling system in Canada to maintain their position as world leaders in supplying mustard to national and international markets,” he says.

Photo from The Western Producer

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