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Mirabel and VÔG unite under new brand name

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The multigenerational family business, a leader in greenhouse production in Quebec, introduces a new direction as Cultures Gen V, unifying all its brands under the new banner. With this name change and a new visual identity, the company, which operates four greenhouse complexes in Quebec, across 30 hectares, is joining forces with the next generation to breathe new life into the business, and to embrace the values of tomorrow’s society.

Gen V’s history is first and foremost a family affair : a group of people who are passionate about modern agriculture and entrepreneurship with the ambition to farm better, to eat consciously and to create a future that mirrors this. In line with the Terrault family values, the second generation aims to continue to grow vegetables organically, hydroponically, without GMOs and without the systematic use of pesticides. They want to prioritize the use of green and renewable energy, the use of recyclable materials and the production of eco-conscious packaging. The company also wishes to continue to support the well-being of its employees and the communities it employs locally. It believes in Quebec’s food autonomy and is convinced that this will happen through organic and hydroponic greenhouse crops.

“We are Generation V, bringing you new ways to eat fresh. Our products are alive and thriving. So are our values. Responsible production is at the heart of our promise, honouring sustainability for our planet and respect for our community. We are the vision of a new generation, serving up vitality in every crunchy vegetable and vibrant green,” said Valérie Terrault, brand manager at Cultures Gen V.

The company also wishes to embody this vision of modern agriculture through its operations and by promoting the well-being of all of its employees including local and seasonal workers, as well as the small communities of Mirabel, Ham-Nord, Ste-Clotilde and Portneuf, where they operate. The company is also aiming to obtain B-Corp certification by actively improving its internal processes.


“The human aspect is extremely important to us in this process. We bring people closer to what they eat by growing fresh, tasty and healthy local vegetables. But more than anything, we want to grow these products in a way that respects people, communities and the environment,” added Simon Terrault, general manager at Cultures Gen V.

The new Gen V brand will permanently replace the former Mirabel and VÔG brands. Gen V products include hydroponic lettuce, organic cucumbers, peppers and mini-cucumbers produced locally, all year-round.

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