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Leclerc continues U.S. growth

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Leclerc Foods USA acquires new processing facility

Saint-Augustine-de-Desmaures, Que. – Leclerc Foods USA is expanding its operations with the acquisition of a 166,500-sq.-ft. building in Phoenix, Ariz.

According to Denis Leclerc, president of Leclerc Foods USA, the new facility will allow the company to grow its manufacturing operations in the city, while allowing it to be close to U.S. clients and West Coast food trends. The new plant will feature a new production line for nutritional bars, including organic and GMO-free products.

Leclerc says the new plant will also enable the company to set up strategic locations to better serve markets in the U.S., Mexico and South America. “Not only are we increasing our production capacity, but we will also achieve substantial savings on transportation costs by being closer to key markets,” he adds.


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