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Kraft Canada Sponsors Upcycling Program

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Kraft Canada has teamed up with Trenton, N.J.-based TerraCycle Inc. to bring a new waste reduction program to Canada. Although there are already similar programs operated by TerraCycle in the U.S., Kraft is the first major Canadian business to sponsor a program of this kind in Canada.

TerraCycle, a pioneering upcycling company, takes packages and material that are challenging to recycle and converts them into affordable and durable products such as bags, pencil cases and backpacks. In the U.S. these products are sold at a range of retailers, including Walmart and the Home Depot. Products from the Canadian program will be available at select Canadian retailers in mid-2010.

Packaging end-of-life solutions


The program is fairly simple. Schools, households, groups and businesses sign onto a “brigade” – a collection program – to collect used packaging of different Kraft brands. Currently participating brands are Kool-Aid Jammers and Del Monte beverages; Mr. Christie’s Snak Packs and other Mr. Christie cookies and crackers; and Back to Nature nuts and trail mixes.

“Kraft Canada is proud to partner with TerraCycle to create an end-of-life solution for select packaging that is not currently recyclable in the existing municipal programs,” says Jonathan Ingram, director of Procurement and Sustainability for Kraft Canada. “We hope the program will engage and educate people on the importance of recycling.”

Recycling incentives

Groups receive a two-cent donation for every piece of packaging they collect and return to TerraCycle. Participating groups can designate a school, sports team, non-profit organization, community group or themselves as their beneficiary.

Kraft Canada currently sponsors three brigades: the Drink Pouch Brigade, the Cookie/Cracker Wrapper Brigade, and the Back to Nature Nut Snacks Brigade. There is no cost to sign up, and shipping costs are paid for. For more information or to sign up to the program, visit

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