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Inter-provincial meat trade pilots set to start

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Governments pick Saskatchewan meat processors to participate in first pilot projects

Several Saskatchewan meat processors are taking part in an inter-provincial meat trade pilot project.

The federal and provincial government announced in March that they had selected Diamond 7 Meats of Lloydminster, Western Prime Meat Processors of Weyburn, and Drake Meat Processors of Drake to participate, reports TheMeatSite

The initiative aims to expand inter-provincial meat trade and provide more market opportunities for producers and processors.

The government will provide funding for businesses that need help upgrading their facilities and meeting regulations to sell their products outside Saskatchewan. Governments will provide up to two-thirds of the added cost of undertaking these initiatives for those plants involved in the pilots.


The other aim of these projects is to identify and address the challenges facing businesses of varying sizes in meeting the technical requirements for meat processing and inter-provincial trade in Canada.

The goal is to create a meat inspection system that achieves food safety outcomes, is easier to implement in small businesses and creates opportunities for inter-provincial trade.

“Increasing inter-provincial trade is a priority for our government,” says Bob Bjornerud, Saskatchewan’s Agriculture minister. “These projects will help our processors increase their market access, identify ways to reduce red tape in the future and ensure a safe product for consumers.”

The inter-provincial meat trade pilot projects are a result of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Agriculture Ministers meetings in Saskatoon in July 2010.

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