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HelloFresh to become first global carbon-neutral meal kit company

Kristy Nudds   

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HelloFresh is committing to offset 100 per cent of its direct carbon emission from its internal operations and offices, plus all emissions from delivery to customers and corporate travel as part of the company’s green energy and carbon reduction strategy. This will make HelloFresh the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company. For the International Segment, HelloFresh will partner with Planetly, a climate-tech startup from Berlin and, with their expertise, invest in climate protection projects around the globe. The initiative is expected to offset more than 40,000 metric tonnes of carbon for 2020. In the U.S., HelloFresh is collaborating with terrapass to offset at least 50,000 metric tonnes of carbon.

Sustainability has always been a fundamental part of HelloFresh’s company strategy. Due to its innovative supply chain, HelloFresh inherently eliminates food waste, which is a major contributor to carbon emissions in the traditional grocery supply chain. In addition, the company has launched its strategy to avoid, reduce and offset carbon emissions.

“We’re proud to be the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company. We are constantly developing new ways to make our product and operations more sustainable for the environment and for our customers, and this remains a priority for us,”  says Ian Brooks, CEO and Founder of HelloFresh Canada.

“In addition to our reduction of food waste through pre-portioning and our energy-efficient, direct-to-consumer supply chain, offsetting carbon emissions is just another way that HelloFresh is helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”

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