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Food Centre partners with Cintech agroalimentaire

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Cintech agroalimentaire and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (Food Centre) announce a strategic partnership to provide value-added services for the Canadian agri-food sector. The synergized expertise will help agri-food companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, meet their innovation challenges and create the next generation of ingredients and products.

The two companies will offer support to agri-food industrialists in their innovation projects, as well as in the development of value-added ingredients and finished products by focusing on plant, dairy and hybrid protein formulations, the circular economy and sustainable development.

This partnership between two Canadian centres will allow access to the food manufacturing ecosystem in Quebec, as well as the ingredient manufacturing ecosystem in the Canadian Prairies. Cintech agroalimentaire and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre will also collaborate on various local, national and international projects in addition to conducting collaborative research and development on common projects to accelerate the growth of the Canadian protein ecosystem and the supply of protein-based ingredients and products.

With over 35 years of experience, Cintech agroalimentaire will provide expertise in protein processing innovation, product and process development, consumer research and sensory evaluation, quality control and regulatory services. The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre will provide expertise in plant-based ingredient processing, innovation, development with extrusion, fractionation, fermentation, bioengineering, food safety and quality control programs.


“This partnership with the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre will allow us to facilitate technology transfer in protein innovation by creating a Canadian cohesion that brings together our expertise to respond more effectively to the needs of agri-food companies. In addition to this highly structuring partnership of our know-how, a joint initiative with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF – a strategic Quebec university partner) will prove to be strategic and beneficial to the success of the future Plant-Based Protein Centre,” said Jean Lacroix, CEO of Cintech agroalimentaire.

“The partnership with the Cintech agroalimentaire will provide joint innovation opportunities and access in protein processing, innovation and consumer research, sensory evaluation and regulatory services for Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre. Our strategic partnership will assist agri-food companies in developing new food formulations and ingredients to address the needs of sustainable, affordable, clean label and healthy dairy, plant-based, and hybrid protein solutions in Canada,” added Mehmet Tulbek, president of Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre.

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