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Farming from rooftop to tabletop

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A new project in Montreal is hoping to transform the idea of local food

A unique construction project is said to be nearing completion in Montreal. And when it’s done the city will be home to a very local farm.

Lufa Farms, the brainchild of Mohamed Hage and Kurt Lynn, is building its first rooftop farm – a 31,000-sq.-ft. greenhouse on top of a low-rise office building on 1440 Antonio Barbeau in Montreal.

The company says the greenhouse has been specially designed to provide the optimum environment for 25 varieties of vegetables and plants and will do so without using pesticides or herbicides.

The operation will use a variety of hydroponic and drip farming techniques and, the founders say, will give the plants exactly what they need for optimum growth.


The farm is also incorporating energy and sustainability features, such as collecting rainwater for use on the farm, recirculating all irrigation water and providing an energy-saving shield for the office building below.

The founders say that while some see the farm as small, they see it as having big potential.

For one thing, it will allow land previously lost to urban development to be farmed again. It will also allow for year-round farming and the roof it protects will help combat the warming of the city.

Daily Commercial News reports that the first crops are to be seeded in January. Some of the products, which will all be organic, will include potatoes, onions, carrots, berries and tomatoes. Consumers will be able to buy by subscription, signing a contract to receive a basket, delivered weekly.

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