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Exporters Gain New Philippine Markets

August 10, 2010   by Food in Canada staff

Business Operations

Canadian exporters of rendered animal by-products have gained new access to Philippine markets that were previously closed.

The announcement, made by Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz, means that Canadian producers can now export products such as blood meal, poultry meal and fats to the Philippines.

According to the Canada Beef Export Federation, this important market could reach $20 million. In 2009 the market for Canadian agri-food exports to the Philippines, a market of more than 90 million people, was $250 million.


“Since coming to office, our government has worked tirelessly to bread down trade barriers around the world,” says Ritz. “Our efforts are showing substantial results as Canadian farmers continue to gain access to new international markets to sell their top-quality products.”


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