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PrimoWeigher 360 scales from CombiScale Inc. offer efficiency and control

PrimoWeigher 360 open-frame combination scales from CombiScale Inc. offer a number of controls designed to make use easier and more efficient.

The control panel includes an easy-to-read, 15-in. colour touch screen, in either stainless steel or IP-67. Production schedules can be sent remotely to the PrimoWeigher, and managers can watch the scale operate in real time through the digital camera mounted above. The units can also be operated through the Primo Pocket Control, or through the Primo 360 Mobile App. software installed on any Windows-based Smart Phone, eliminating the need for operators to go back and forth from the control panel to the scale.

The scales are available in 10, 14, 16, 20 and 24-head configurations, with 1.5-L, 2.5-L and five-litre buckets. Each unit can operate at speeds of up to 200+ cycles per minute.

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