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Canadian beef groups introduce national strategy

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Beef and cattle organizations have launched Canada’s National Beef Strategy, a report highlighting the challenges in the industry today and how to better position Canada in the world market

Calgary – Canadian beef and cattle organizations want their products to be sought after around the world.

Just this week, the 13 organizations (listed below) released Canada’s National Beef Strategy, Summary of Goals, Focus Areas and Key Outcomes 2015-2020, a plan to make the industry more profitable, innovative and sustainable.

In the report, the authors explain the need for all beef industry stakeholders to discuss funding issues and develop a national strategy on how to best compete for a larger share of the world market. The groups also talk about positioning Canada’s industry as the high-quality beef product of choice in the world.

How do they intend to do this?


The report includes several industry goals. Their vision is simple: to create a dynamic profitable Canadian cattle and beef industry. Their mission: to be the most trusted and competitive high quality beef cattle producer in the world recognized for superior quality, safety, value, innovation and sustainable production methods.

These goals, and the vision and mission are outlined through four pillars:
• Beef Demand
• Competitiveness
• Productivity
• Connectivity

The pillars identify key focus areas where industry stakeholders work together to collectively achieve the outcomes identified, says the report.
Under each focus area specific outcomes have been defined that work towards meeting the goals established by industry. The goals established are measurable benchmarks for which the industry is held accountable.

The goal of the Beef Demand pillar is to enhance beef demand and as a result enhance carcass cutout values by 15 per cent over the next five years. This will be achieved by focusing on domestic and global marketing, market access, validating and enhancing the Canadian Beef Advantage, consumer confidence and social license.

The goal of the Competitiveness pillar is to reduce production cost disadvantages compared to our main competitors by seven per cent over the next five years. This will be achieved by focusing on regulatory burden, access to competitively priced inputs, maintaining and enhancing key research capacity, and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The goal of the Productivity pillar is to increase production efficiency by 15 per cent, through focusing on genetic selection, research and development, technology development and adoption, and enhanced information flow.

The fourth pillar, Connectivity, is unique in its goal which is to enhance industry synergies, connect positively with consumers, the public, government, and partner industries by actively addressing industry issues.

For more on the report, click here.

The organizations behind the strategy are:

-Alberta Beef Producers
-Beef Cattle Research Council
-Beef Farmers of Ontario
-British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association
-Canada Beef Inc.
-Canadian Beef Breeds Council
-Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
-Manitoba Beef Producers
-National Cattle Feeders’ Association
-New Brunswick Cattle Producers
-Nova Scotia Cattle Producers
-Prince Edward Island Cattle Producers
-Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association

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