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Canada’s wine industry contributes billions to economy

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The wine and grape industry contributes almost $7 billion to Canada’s economy, from job creation and tourism to tax generation and agricultural growth

Ottawa – A new report confirms that Canada’s wine and grape industry has a hefty impact on the country’s economy, especially in Ontario, B.C., Quebec and Nova Scotia.

The report, Canada’s Wine Economy – Ripe Robust Remarkable, has found that wine industry production has an annual national economic impact of $6.8 billion.

Specifically, for every bottle of wine produced in Canada, $31 of domestic economic impact is generated in the country.

The research study is the largest ever conducted on the Canadian wine and grape industry. The Canadian Vintners Association, the Winery & Grower Alliance of Ontario, the British Columbia Wine Institute and the Winery Association Nova Scotia commissioned the report.


“The research findings reinforce the significant economic value the Canadian wine industry brings to the national economy,” says Dan Paszkowski, president, Canadian Vintners Association.

“The impacts are both direct and indirect, from job creation and tourism to tax generation and agricultural growth, the wine industry benefits multiple business sectors across the entire Canadian economy,” he added.

Other key findings include:

• The wine and grape industry is responsible for more than 31,000 jobs in Canada from manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, transportation, research, restaurants and retail.
• Wine-related tourism welcomes more than three million visitors each year, generating more than $1.2 billion annually in tourism revenue and employment.
• The wine industry generates $1.2 billion in federal and provincial tax revenue and liquor board mark up.
• Canadians enjoy over one billion glasses or 220 million bottles of wine produced by the Canadian wine industry each year.

Canadian winemakers also support a broad network of related industries in urban and regional centres across Canada through significant investments, long-term jobs and market opportunities in rural communities.

Wine consumption in Canada continues to grow as many Canadians are reaching for a glass of wine over spirits or beer. With Canadian wines presently representing only 30% of total wine sales across the country and imported wine at 70%, there is enormous potential for Canadian wine growth and the entire national economy.

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