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Canada’s horticulture industry applauds action plan

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A Joint Action Plan discussed by both Canada and the U.S. offers long-awaited improvements

Ottawa – Canada’s horticultural industry says a Joint Action Plan discussed by Prime Minister Steven Harper and President Barack Obama is just what it’s been waiting for.

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) says the Joint Action Plan initiatives will help with cross-border trade and will help to align regulatory approaches between Canada and the U.S.

“The Joint Action Plan Initiatives related to financial risk mitigation tools, crop protection product approvals, a perimeter approach to plant protection and common approaches to food safety are exactly what industry has been seeking for many years,” explains Jack Bates, CHC’s president.

The action plan also includes other items that will help enhance producer competitiveness and lead to further innovation in horticulture.



The CHC says the Joint Action Plan will benefit Canada’s horticulture industry by:

• Focusing Canadian and U.S. efforts on enhanced collaboration in food safety and activities to allow for assessment and possible recognition of system comparability;
• Allowing greater access for producers to tools available to manage production problems by further aligning crop protection product (e.g., pesticides) approvals and establishment of maximum pesticide residue limits/tolerances;
• Assisting with financial risk mitigation associated with the damage caused by the introduction and spread of harmful plant pests, diseases and invasive alien species; and
• Developing a perimeter approach to plant protection with a view to leverage each country’s efforts to mutual advantage and, where possible, streamline certification requirements for cross-border shipments.

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