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Calling food and beverage companies in Canada! (Especially if you’re 80 years young)

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Food in Canada is producing a special summer issue to mark our 80th anniversary and we want to hear your success stories!

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Food in Canada magazine is celebrating a milestone this year that we’re quite proud of – it’s our 80th anniversary!

To mark the occasion our July/August issue will highlight “80 years of food and beverage processing in Canada.”

And we’d like to hear from food and beverage companies that have been making history in Canada for the last 80 years or longer.

Got a story to tell about the innovations, trends or fads that you’ve seen come and go? What changes have significantly benefited your sector of the food and beverage industry? Contact us now!


For a chance to be included in this special issue, contact us now!

Carolyn Cooper at or Deanna Rosolen at

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