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Beretta Farms moves offices back to the original King City farm

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Beretta Farms has announced that its head office is moving back to the farm. The company’s headquarters will now operate out of the rural property located just outside of King City, Ontario. The company said the move highlights the company’s constant innovation and continued growth and dedication to sustainability.

The relocation to the Beretta family’s working farm will enable their stakeholders, customers and office staff to see firsthand what it takes to operate a sustainable farm. Since launching in 1992, Beretta Farms has been committed to providing Canadian families with quality proteins and this move highlights that commitment.

“Our head office move to the farm is a continuation of our ongoing commitment to authenticity within our brand. Sharing what matters defines us, and I believe that with this change we will be operating with even greater transparency for our customers and staff,” said co-owner Mike Beretta. “We are moving closer to the elusive goal of complete sustainability and I can’t wait to see where this takes us.”

The relocation is the first phase of the businesses multi-tiered plan. The next phase will see the working farm turned into a multi-faceted, premier event space. Due to be completed in 2019, the space will host weddings, corporate retreats, cooking classes and other special events. A brand new culinary vegetable and spice garden has been added to the property and will be used by Beretta Kitchen, the catering division of the company. Employees will now have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in farm life. From collecting eggs, feeding pigs, riding horses to checking on the cow herd, they will gain a more in-depth knowledge of what goes into the products they are selling.

“Witnessing our company grow and come back to where we raised our family and grew a business has been heartwarming. It is so special for all of us to see the Beretta Farms journey come full circle,” said co-owner Cynthia Beretta. “We put our hearts and souls into the products that we produce and we take pride in sharing that with our customers and their families.”

Sustainability has always been a key pillar in the Beretta Farms brand, with a major focus on organic, grass-fed antibiotic and hormone free products. Using a “full carcass utilization” model to limit waste and the company’s overall environmental impact has established Beretta Farms as a leader and innovator in the meat production industry.


Beretta Farms Inc. was founded in 1992 by Mike and Cynthia Beretta. Beretta Farms is a premium protein provider with a focus on organic, grass-fed antibiotic and hormone-free beef, chicken, pork, turkey and value-added items. Beretta’s products are available at grocers across Canada in both national chains and smaller independents.

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