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BAC makes important strategic decision

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The following is a statement from the Baking Association of Canada: 

2020 was a difficult year for The Baking Association of Canada (“BAC”).  Like many organizations, Covid-19 has limited the way we can do business, including the ability to hold our annual tradeshow, which is the key revenue driver of the association.  The Board of Directors (“the Board”) has been deeply engaged in the association’s operations throughout the year as we’ve tried to manage through this difficult time and is now taking steps to ensure the long-term success of BAC.

As the pandemic and public health restrictions continue, the Board has made the strategic decision to explore opportunities for increased efficiencies to increase value to its membership, enhance education and advocacy and increase connectivity within both the baking and food industries.  BAC has and will continue to engage in multiple activities over the next several months to strengthen the association, which include:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Restructuring of staff
  • Postponing the annual Bakery Showcase
  • Reviewing alliance opportunities
  • Considering outsourcing of services

As a result of the early stages of this strategic initiative, the Board has made two key decisions.


The Bakery Showcase currently scheduled for September 2021 will be postponed to Spring 2022 with the assumption that Public Health guidelines will allow for broader gatherings, so we can confidently celebrate the Baking Industry.  The venue has already agreed to this change and all exhibitors that still have a deposit with BAC for the pending show will be contacted with options for their deposit.

The staff of BAC have been provided notice of the need to re-define the structure of the association, which requires the restructuring of current staffing to match the present work activity needs and financial state of BAC.  Paul, Gillian and Ahmed will continue to work with BAC through to mid-July to assist members as they do today, transition services as required and actively participate in the exploration of strategic opportunities for a sustainable future for the association.  This was an extremely difficult decision to make and all staff have been treated fairly and in recognition of their years of service and dedication to BAC.  On behalf of the Board, we thank each of them for their contribution to the association.

The Board and staff commit to keeping all members of BAC engaged and informed throughout this transition and commits to providing an action plan by mid-July.  The immediate next steps that we plan to undertake are:

  • Contacting other associations to discuss synergies for advocacy and education to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these activities, while ensuring that needs of the Canadian baking industry are heard and acted upon.
  • Review the potential to outsource the Baking Showcase to a third party that can adapt it to the changing landscape and grow the relevance and participation in this specialized baking event.

As BAC takes steps to re-define the structure and direction of the organization to better position itself for a sustainable future and continue to be the voice of the baking industry, we want to assure you that it is ‘business as usual’.   The association will continue to participate in advocacy efforts, work on new opportunities as they arise and work with you throughout this time.   On behalf of the Board, I wanted to thank you in advance for your support.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to myself or Louis Bontorin anytime.  Our contact information is below.

Kind Regards,


Tom Mattes



c.c.  Board of Directors, Baking Association of Canada



Tom Mattes                                                          Louis Bontorin

Chair                                                                    Treasurer                               

p: 416-606-4779                                                 p: 403-616-3515

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