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Clearsips is the newest Canadian distributor of non-alcoholic beverages

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Based out of Ontario, the Thompson family launches Clearsips, a new importer, distributor and retailer of national and international non-alcoholic spirits, wine, beer, cider and ready-to-drink beverages.

Clearsips currently works with 14 non-alcoholic brands including:

Wine: L’Arjolle, Oddbird and Pierre Chavin;
Spirits: HP Juniper, MondaySobreo and Solbru;
Beer/cider: Nirvana, One for The Road, Nonny and Sober Carpenter; and
Pre-mixedCipriani, Edna’s and Piquette Zero.

“Operating a successful wine agency for 22 years has provided a blueprint for choosing products that our restaurant and retail clients, as well as that our customers, love. Every brand we’ve chosen for Clearsips has been vetted by our team of wine and spirit professionals to bring the very best non-alcoholic choices to the Canadian market,” said David Thompson, co-founder and president, Clearsips. “We are working closely with restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, retailers, and venues to help them stock their shelves, bars and events with premium non-alcoholic brands to keep up with customer demand and provide quality, profitable alternatives to alcohol.”


“The adult beverage landscape has changed a lot in the last five to 10 years – one in five Canadians (19+) are non-drinkers and almost half of people that drink non-alcoholic are ‘substituters’ – people who drink non-alcoholic beverages on certain occasions and full-strength alcoholic beverages on others,” he added.

“Starting Clearsips was very personal for our family, as we all choose to live a sober or sober-curious lifestyle, each for our own different reasons. Our goal is to enhance the non-alcoholic drinking experience by providing all Canadians with a diverse range of high-quality, non-alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed on every occasion,” said Mary Thompson, marketing director, Clearsips. “As more and more people choose to either cut back or stop drinking alcohol all together, the demand for variety and choice in this space increases – and we are working to cater to those seeking sophisticated and delicious alternatives.”

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