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Feature Confectionery Food Trends
May 3, 2017  

I want candy!

While consumers appreciate the better-for-you products offered by Canada’s confectionery manufacturers, the desire for indulgent treats clearly isn’t going away anytime soon

Feature Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Food Trends Processing
May 3, 2017  

What’s new in natural?

Natural flavours and colours continue to have huge appeal for consumers, meaning there are more opportunities to innovate

Feature Dairy Food Trends Research & Development
April 9, 2017  

Say cheese

Processed cheese slices are a convenient staple, but how do they really score in a focus group

Feature Business Operations Food Trends
April 9, 2017  

Taking costs off the chopping block

2017 consumer packaged goods trends

Feature Dairy Exporting & Importing Food Trends Processing Products Regulation
April 9, 2017  

More cheese, please

Flavourful artisanal cheese production continues to improve in Canada, but with import quantities about to rise, how will the industry handle the challenges of CETA?

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Meat &Poultry Business Operations Food Safety Packaging Processing Regulation
April 9, 2017  

Filling the growing labour gap

More changes are on the way to foreign worker programs, but the food processing industry is calling for a more permanent solution to its ongoing labour shortage

Feature Health & Wellness Food Trends
April 9, 2017  

The gut microbiome revolution

Why all the interest in a healthy gut? Emerging research about the “microbiome” is making media headlines, and consumers are eager to learn how to harness the benefits.

Feature Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Dairy Ingredients & Additives Meat &Poultry Pet Food Seafood Specialty Foods Processing Research & Development
April 6, 2017  

The evolution of culinology

News from the Research Chefs Association’s RCA 2017 Annual Conference & Culinology Expo; RCA’s regional Lunch & Learns; and a tour of the Culinary Institute of Canada

Feature Meat &Poultry Specialty Foods Business Operations
March 7, 2017  

Canards à gogo!

Les Canardises’ duck products are “out of this world”

Feature Specialty Foods Food Trends
March 7, 2017  

Bugging out

Swarms of edible insects are heading to Canadian grocery shelves

Feature Meat &Poultry Food Trends
March 7, 2017  

Hamming it up

We set out to explore four brands of packaged Black Forest ham to see how they stack up

Feature Meat &Poultry Specialty Foods Food Trends
March 7, 2017  

Is the end of meat near?

Not quite. But the meat industry is starting to diversify to meet changing consumer demand

Feature Food Safety
March 7, 2017  

Unpacking cybersecurity issues in the food and beverage sector

Businesses must understand the full breadth of cybersecurity risks and take action to protect their data, products and operational processes

Feature Ingredients & Additives Food Trends
February 8, 2017  

Spice world

Continued hunger for international flavours ushers in another new year of exciting seasoning and spice options

Feature Food Trends Research & Development
February 8, 2017  

A culinary odyssey

Food and beverage trends in 2017 and beyond

Feature Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Specialty Foods Food Trends
February 8, 2017  

Seed power

The “powerhouse seeds,” including chia, flax, pumpkin, hemp and sesame, are nutritious and on-trend for 2017

Feature Bake & Snack Food Food Trends
February 8, 2017  

Chips gone wild

The chip category is anything but plain, as brands cater to consumers’ desire for adventurous flavours and natural ingredients

Feature Business Operations Exporting & Importing Food Trends
February 8, 2017  

Growth without compromise

Lessons from the Quebec agrifood experience

Feature Seafood
December 8, 2016  

Great catch

Shellfish is riding a wave of popularity, as seafood brands appeal to consumers’ desire for health, convenience and flavour

Feature Exporting & Importing
December 8, 2016  

Exporting your way to successful growth

How can food manufacturers prudently tap into new international markets without incurring undue risk?

Feature Health & Wellness Specialty Foods Food Trends
December 8, 2016  

Goodbye diets

Consumers say hello to a holistic wellness approach

Feature Exporting & Importing
December 8, 2016  

Beyond our borders

Where in the world is all our exported food and drink going?

Feature Exporting & Importing
December 7, 2016  

Nurturing growth critical to success in China

After a relatively cool period, the trade relationship between Canada and China is warming up

Feature Bake & Snack Food Health & Wellness Food Trends
October 11, 2016  

Getting serious about cereal bars

We recently set out to explore a small part of the serious world of cereal bars to see if they are all equally serious contenders

Feature Food Trends Packaging
October 11, 2016  

Food waste fight

How the packaging industry is helping tackle the growing food waste problem

Feature Bake & Snack Food Beverages Dairy Health & Wellness Meat &Poultry Food Trends
October 11, 2016  

Rise and dine

Nutritious and convenient breakfast alternatives fuel the day

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Specialty Foods
October 11, 2016  

From the tree of life

Grown in Africa on the continent’s ancient baobab trees, baobab is now an up-and-coming superfruit in the North American marketplace

Feature Business Operations Food Safety Processing
October 7, 2016  

One bad apple doesn’t have to spoil the barrel

Take control of a food recall situation

Feature Beverages Fruit & Vegetables Food Trends Processing
September 26, 2016  

Cider’s time to shine

Quenching consumers’ thirst for new flavours, cider producers are putting the fermented fruit drink back on the map

Feature Meat &Poultry Specialty Foods Processing
September 26, 2016  

A passion for food

Aliments Mer et Monde is a labour of love for former grocer Normand Duchemin

Feature Bake & Snack Food Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Specialty Foods
September 26, 2016  

Company Profile: Left Coast Naturals

Today Left Coast Naturals is a thriving business with approximately 50 employees and more than $20 million in annual sales

Feature Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives
September 26, 2016  

Spices with benefits

While it’s been in use for thousands of years, turmeric has recently been skyrocketing in popularity, not only for its flavour but also for its purported medicinal properties