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Facilities Maintenance equipment Mettler-Toledo

Mettler Toledo, a manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications, has released six new floor scales. They are:

PUA220 Floor Scale
The PUA220 is a low-profile painted barrel scale excellent for general-purpose weighing. It’s ideal for industrial applications, shipping and receiving departments, warehouses and small businesses. An optional portability kit equips the PUA220 scale with wheels, turning it into a mobile weighing station.

PFA221 Floor Scale
The PFA221 is the METTLER TOLEDO brand of the discontinued Xpress XFS/XIF. This scale is suitable for facilities that handle shipping and receiving or general manufacturing. The scale can be installed above the floor and is ideal for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. The PFA221 has the option of being supplied with a scale terminal that is pre-calibrated at the factory.

PFA226 Floor Scale
The PFA226 is the stainless steel version of the PUA221. This scale is ideal for small food companies and other facilities where regular wash down is required. The standard offering includes a stainless steel tread-plate top deck. The PFA226 is also available with a pre-calibration option.

PUA574 Floor Scale
The PUA574 is a footed, low-profile, painted-steel scale. This scale uses a rocker foot suspension with 745A load cells. The scale is built for heavy use in industrial environments, and is durable enough to meet the needs of facilities involved in discrete manufacturing, warehousing or heavy industries. The PUA574 has live side rails that enable the scale to weigh objects of varying shapes and sizes.

PUA579 Floor Scale
The PUA579 is a low-profile, footed, stainless steel scale. The rocker foot suspension is accompanied by hermetically sealed 745A load cells and our IP69K junction box. This scale is suitable for facilities where harsh wash down is required, including those that process foods. Made entirely of stainless steel, the PUA579 is also suitable for hygienic applications that require frequent wash down.

PUA674 Floor Scale
The PUA674 is a painted version of the PUA679 low-profile, lift scale. This scale is designed to handle the weighing and cleaning requirements of chemical and general industries. Lifting the front handles tilts the entire scale up to provide complete access for cleaning the floor and underside of the scale. A pair of built-in gas springs enables one person to lift the scale manually with minimal effort. The PUA674 is ideal for applications where maximum floor space is necessary as the scale can be moved out of the way when not in use.

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