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By Food in Canada magazine staff   

Facilities Maintenance

Bettcher Industries developed, tested and has now launched a simpler and more productive meat trimming system called Quantum

Cleveland, Ohio – Bettcher Industries has introduced its Quantum, a low-maintenance meat trimming system.

The company says the Quantum can offer beef and pork processors more productivity and more profits.

The features of the Quantum, include:

• Increased meat yields
• Easier cutting procedures – even for the toughest meat trimming applications
• Easy, uncomplicated tool use, with less operator training needs and more worker safety
• Fewer components to replace and parts inventories to manage
• Better energy efficiency


The system includes the Quantum Q620, which can bring speed and productivity to bone cleaning and lean meat recovery operations. There’s also the Quantum Q1000 Series, which is specially designed for demanding defatting operations.

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